As a business owner, you want your staff to have the best possible experience whilst working for the company. Therefore, it’s a good idea to offer them perks for them to enjoy every once in a while. You want to show them that you appreciate them and the work that they do for you – and there’s no better way of doing this than spending money on them.

But these perks aren’t just about enticing them to stay within the company for longer, it’s also about getting to know who they are and giving them a chance to socialize away from the workplace.

Whether you’re planning a team-building day or you’re simply looking for a fun activity to do with them, the below 5 suggestions could prove to be invaluable!

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt – especially when there is something to win at the end. For your next team-building day, why not plan a treasure or scavenger hunt around your local area?

Giving your employees various clues to follow, they will love the unique and exciting experience. Make sure to make all of the clues fun though and not too corporate! If successful, you can then make the event an annual activity.

Top Tip: if you own a large company, consider breaking up everyone into teams. These teams should also be mixed, with a selection of different departments – this will give everyone the chance to socialize, rather than just remaining in cliques with people they work with every day.

Arrange a Meal

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, then a meal out at lunchtime or in the evening will definitely go down a treat. Taking them away from the office for an hour or two, you can spend the time catching up with your staff, seeing how they are getting on and just generally socializing.

Go Go-Karting

Looking for something a little more unique? Then why not treat your staff to an afternoon or evening of go-karting. With so many great go-kart tracks to visit across the country, you won’t be pushed for options.
An exhilarating way to let your hair down, it’s a good team-building idea no matter how many staff you have.

Hire a Boat For The Day

If you’re really looking to impress them, why not hire a boat for the day? Providing your staff with food and drink, it’s a very casual way of taking a break from the office.

A more flexible way of doing this is if you’re a member at a local boat club. This way, you’ll be able to take any boat out at a time that’s more convenient to you.
Organize a Whole Company Quiz

If you’re looking for something that’s more casual, than a whole company quiz is a good choice every time. Whether this is during your lunch hour or after work, it’s a fun way of getting to know your staff with a sprinkle of healthy competition thrown in!

To make it more exciting, make a mixture of different questions – some work-related and some general knowledge. This will make the event far more interesting and fun for them.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

My name is Greg Kononenko and I am a full-time online blogger and owner of Dad's Hustle. I'm a dad, and my passion is to help other mums and dads to start their own "hustle" and improve the financial future of their families.

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