5 ways to make $100 a day

Having a first $100 day is very cool. And there are ways of doing it which are not difficult and don’t take a lot of time.

A new product which is launching tomorrow will show you 5 legitimate ways of doing $100+ every single day.

Watch this video to see how: (this product is going live on Oct 24th at 10am US EST)

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Going Live In…

So what’s inside?

As you might already know, the price of a product often reflects it’s quality. It’s often much better to buy something for $37 or even $97 than for $7. Why is that? Well, at $7 price the products are often low quality.

This is not the case with “The Elite Five” course which I reviewed earlier today. It provides 5 proven ways of hitting $100+ every single day. Here are the highlights:

Course is by 3 marketers who actually do the things that they teach (Stephen Gilbert, Phil Blackwell, Bill Hugall)

These 3 guys pride themselves on releasing only high quality information without any fake proof or claims.

Method 1 is Fiverr module recorded by Art Flair. He is a best selling Fiverr vendor in several niches. Fiverr is great because you can start without any experience or budget. To implement this, you literally don’t need to have anything at all, just an internet connection. You can sell your own “gigs” or services in a variety of niches. Easy to turn over some profit within the week you start.

Method 2 is Arbitrage recorded by Phil Henderson, an arbitrage expert. With Arbitrage, you don’t need a list or product. You simply act as middleman. It’s very effective and simple. Again, this is a super-newbie-friendly method. If you have an internet connection, you can do this. You sell something for $20 and you buy it for $5, keeping the profit.

Method 3 is Affiliate method recorded by Bill Hugall. Affiliate marketing is a very simple and easy way to make sales online. This is a little bit more advanced than the first 2 methods, but Bill breaks it down very well and shows ways of driving paid and free traffic to your offers.

Method 4 is Email Marketing with Stephen Gilbert. With this method, you do need to build a list so it’s the least newbie-friendly method out of the 4. However, if you’re willing to do some upfront work and build that email list, you’ll be able to monetize it very well. Stephen is one of the top 5-10% of current email marketers and he’ll show you exactly how to monetize that list for pretty insane profits.

Method 5 is Mobile Site Service with Phil Blackwell. This is probably my favourite method out of the five methods included in the course. It should you how to find websites belonging to other business, and how to then figure out if those websites are mobile-optimized or not. There are still MANY websites out there which are outdated and don’t have any optimization for mobile browsing experience. It means that those businesses are currently losing sales due to poor customer browsing experience. And they also lose traffic because Google would be penalizing them in the search engine results.

So Phil shows you how he personally finds and approaches these businesses, and then how he’s able to sell them the mobile versions of the sites he creates. You’re probably thinking “not for me, how do I sell them, and how do I make those sites”. It’s pretty simple actually. Phil is an extreme introvert by nature. But he shows you how even he is able to generate a ton of interest in his service. He also shows you an online service which automatically converts the website into a mobile version, so you don’t really need to do much.

Click Here on Oct 24th at 10am US EST To Grab It + My Bonus

What are the OTO’s?

I have copied this info from their product overview pages:

OTO 1 ($27): “Is a full blown video walk-through of three separate case studies and strategies. Each case is a huge step up from the last. There is a $1k, a $10k and a $100,000 week case study. Every step of the process is laid out in great detail showing your customers exactly what’s possible and how to achieve it!”

Downsell 1 ($17): Same as OTO1 but only PDF and not video.

OTO 2 ($47): “Is a complete done for you thirty day Auto Responder sequence that they just plug-in play and drive traffic to. Every offer on this AR series is proven to convert for Bill and will include presell and cluster mails. High converting offers that make you money”

Downsell 2 ($37): Same as OTO2 but only half a month of Auto Responder.

Bonuses if you get it through my link

If you pick up “The Elite Five” through my link, I will include the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: My own additional way of making $20-$50+ a day

I will give you a video walkthrough showing how I personally generate traffic through YouTube to build my list as well as to make some pretty easy affiliate sales. This won’t make you $10k a month, but can easily make you $20-$50+ a day

That’s it! I decided not to overwhelm you with bonuses on this one. Bonuses are useless most of the time anyway, and most people never download or use them. So just one bonus for this one! But it’s a great one.

Click Here on Oct 24th at 10am US EST To Grab It + My Bonus

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

My name is Greg Kononenko and I am a full-time online blogger and owner of Dad's Hustle. I'm a dad, and my passion is to help other mums and dads to start their own "hustle" and improve the financial future of their families.

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    • Christine Fong

      I’m more interested in your bonus than the actual course. I might buy it… just to get your bonus 😉

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Christine, nice to see you again 🙂 Ok cool and I hope you enjoy it!

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