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The use of 3D designs can be seen pretty much everywhere, from architecture and engineering to toy-making and, heck, even military equipment. But you don’t have to be in the manufacturing or gaming industries to reap the benefits of having presentations that rely heavily on this kind of modeling.

Fact is, applying 3D design or modeling to your business collaterals domore good than anything, especially considering that you don’t even need to have an in-house design team for it. There are plenty of 3D modeling outsourcing services available.
So how can your company leverage 3D designs into your business process?

Here are some ways:

Easy-to-Grasp Design and Concept Development

It is probably the most obvious way to incorporate digital design into your business, especially if your company is in the business of selling ideas. 3D models allow you to bring to life conceptual objects and spaces and make it easier for both your team and your clients to understand the project at hand. It can be designing an area or even planning out a business strategy. Having 3D structures to accurately depict your project’s needs go a long way into not only selling your product or service but also allowing your team to fully grasp the design and concept developments that you’ll be working on.

Creating Conceptual Spaces

Ever since the advent of 3D modeling software, interior designers and architects have been using it to depict the spaces that their clients are requesting more accurately. Sure, blueprints are essential for engineers, but try presenting that to a non-architect client and watch their eyes glaze over in confusion. When it comes to pitching interiors and anything spatially-related, 3D structures are not only the best way to do it; it’s probably the only way to do it.

Product Pitches

If your company is in the business of creating products for your clients, then you’ll understand how essential using an excellent 3D design is when you come up with a pitch. A 3D model of a product is the best way for clients to understand what the final product is going to look like, especially if it’s a high-concept pitch. By translating complex ideas into visually accurate mediums, both clients and companies can understand each other better and work towards improving and perfecting the product in question.

Better Branding and More Powerful Presentations

You don’t have to be manufacturing something to reap the benefits of 3D designs: even marketing companies can leverage the technology to create marketing and branding collaterals for their clients that are more representative of their products and services. Using this kind of modeling for branding isn’t exactly new; it’s one of the essentials for any company operating in the digital business space. Having a 3D sample of a logo or a client’s branding allows you to see the branding aspect from every angle, helping you pinpoint problems and address issues you might not have seen if it were done using a traditional 2D rendering. If you want to use branding companies to help boost your business, this could be something you ask about.

3D designs have been around for decades, but with the advent of more advanced, but more accessible, modeling software, it’s now available to pretty much every industry. How you apply it to your company, though, is up to you and your imagination.

Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko

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