Welcome to our mega-list of Top 100 Ways To Make Money. Many people need an additional source of income or are just looking to make a few bucks on the side. Luckily, there are many ways to do this.

Top 100 Ways to Make Money

Some money-making methods are effective but take a lot of time. What about situations in which you need cash fast? You need a quick and relatively easy way to earn a few bucks. These methods will not bring you fortune but they can help you earn some money on the side.

Here are 100 ways to make money online and offline:

Sell Your Stuff

The most obvious way to make some quick money is to sell unnecessary items you may have. There are many effective way to sell your stuff:

1. Have a Garage Sale

Perhaps the easiest way to make money fast is to organize a garage sale. True, items don’t cost much at these sales but it does pile up. There are other benefits to garage sales: you earn money without leaving your house and you get rid of the unnecessary stuff at the same time. Alternatively, you may try to sell your stuff on Craigslist.

2. Sell to a Pawn Shop

Think about selling any unnecessary items to a pawn shop. This may earn you more money than a garage sale. However, keep in mind that you will never get a retail price. Still, this may be a great way to go. It is also one of the quickest ways to sell your stuff.

3. Sell Your Old Books

There are many places accepting old and used books. There is a good market for used books, particularly textbooks. If you don’t own many books, don’t worry. You can actually resell them. It requires more work but it’s possible: buy cheap books and try to sell them at a higher price.

4. Sell Your Old Phone

Still have that old cell phone you haven’t used in years? Sell it. You may think that nobody wants such old phones but think twice. There is actually a good market for second-hand devices, especially if they are in good working order.

5. Sell Unused Gift Cards

This is a good way to get some money but many people don’t even think about the opportunity. If you have any unused gift cards you don’t need, sell them. You may not always get the full price but it’s better than nothing.

Rent Your Things

Top 100 Ways To Make Money

If you don’t have stuff to sell, you can earn money by renting out. There are many things you can rent out and some are less obvious than the others.

6. Rent Your Home

This is the option that brings the most money. If you have a house or an apartment you don’t use, rent it. This can be a great source of money. In some cases it may even be profitable to find a smaller place to live in while renting your bigger home.

7. Rent Your Room

If you don’t want to rent the whole home, think about renting one of your rooms. This is a very popular option that can bring a good amount of money. Places such as Airbnb offer numerous opportunities for homeowners to rent out their rooms.

8. Rent Your Garage

There are many people who don’t have appropriate garages to fit their vehicles. This is where you come in. Renting your garage may not be the most obvious way to make money but it can be really profitable.

9. Rent Your Parking Spot

Many areas have a huge shortage of parking spots. If you own a parking spot you don’t use, why don’t you rent it? This can bring you good money, especially if you have a large parking spot or a parking spot with added features.

10. Rent Your Car 

You may not think about it but your car can bring you money. Rent your vehicle whenever you don’t use it to earn some extra buck. Depending on your needs, you can choose to rent out your car for an hour, a day or even more.

11. Rent a Seat in Your Car

Did you know that there are many people looking for a cheaper way to commute? If you regularly take long-distance trips with your car you can use it to earn some money. Simply rent a seat in your vehicle and earn money by doing what you do every day: drive to work.

12. Rent Your Home When You’re Away (Short Term)

Perhaps you don’t have means nor wish to rent your home for prolonged periods of time. Or you simply don’t have anywhere else to live. In these situations you may still be able to earn money through renting. Simply decide on a short-term rent. You can rent your home while you are away on business or vacation.

13. Rent Your Bike or Motorbike

 If you have a bicycle or a motorbike in good condition, think about renting them. There are always people looking to rent bikes of all kinds. Set a competitive price and you will be able to earn a few bucks through renting. 

14. Rent Your Sports Equipment

 Your sports equipment such as snowboards, skis, canoes, surfboards and others can bring you money. The larger and rarer the item is, the easier it will be to rent it. Make sure to advertise in niche communities and specialized websites to catch the attention of those who may be interested.

15. Rent Your Music Instruments

Many people need music instruments but these tend to be expensive. If you own guitars, pianos and other instruments you don’t use, make sure to offer them. Also, if you own any music gear such as amps and monitors, those can be rented, too. The same goes for studio space.


With so many pets and pet owners out there it is not difficult to find a money making opportunity.

16. Walk dogs

Dog walking is not the most glamorous occupation but there is a high demand. There are many people who leave their dogs and other pets at home while they work or are busy with other things. This is where you come in. Remember, you can walk more dogs at once, which increases the pay you receive.

17. Train Dogs

This requires more skill and experience but if you are knowledgeable about dog training, go for it. It may bring good money. Also, remember that dogs are not the only animals that can be trained. If you know how to train other animals (parrots, for example) you can be even more competitive.

18. Pet Sit

This is a great job for all animal lovers. It’s also not particularly exhausting. Your duties include checking in on the pet, feeding it and walking it. It doesn’t mean you have to be with the pet all the time, unless this is what the owner specifically requests.

Cleaning Jobs

One of the most popular ways to make money is through various types of cleaning jobs. Not the most glamorous solution but there is always a demand for these jobs:

19. Clean Homes

One of the most common ways to earn money is to clean houses. There are people who build their whole career on it. If you are pedantic and good at cleaning you can earn some extra bucks for cleaning other people’s homes.

20. Clean Garages

Garages are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. Also, they are often dirtier and messier than homes, which means you can request a higher pay for garage cleaning. This is also more physically demanding but it can bring good money.

21. Clean windows

Cleaning windows requires some skills and care. If you are good at this, consider offering window cleaning services. You can earn more if you offer window cleaning at higher floors.

22. Clean Carpets

You can do this as a semi-professional. Nobody likes to clean their carpets and nobody knows how to do it properly. The best way to earn with carpet cleaning is to get a machine (you can rent it at relatively low prices) and offer carpet cleaning services.

23. Wash Cars

While there are many professional car wash services, many people prefer hand-washing. At the same time, they are too lazy to do it themselves. This is where you come in: offer people to wash their cars for cash.

24. Clean Gutters

Cleaning gutters is a job nobody wants to do, so there is always a demand. You can earn good money for cleaning gutters. It is not even a time-consuming job so this can be a quick buck to make.

Sell Ad Space

There are many ways to earn money by selling ad space. And no, we don’t mean in magazines.

25. Sell Ad Space on Your Home

If circumstances allow you, consider selling ad space on your home. Be it a sign on the fence or in the yard, or a large billboard on the side of your home, there is money to be made. If you choose to go this route, though, check with your local authorities if you are allowed to do this.

26. Sell Ad Space on Your Car

Many companies want to place their ads on cars. Cars offer great opportunities for advertising because they are constantly on the move so the ad can reach many people. This can be a great source of passive income for you: simply sell ad space on your car and forget about it.

27. Be a Billboard

You can earn money by becoming a moving billboard. It may be physically demanding at times but you can earn decent money for a couple of hours of work.

28. Sell Your Picture with a Product

You may earn money with your selfies. Take a picture of yourself holding a product or a specific sign. There are companies and businesses willing to pay for you to promote their products in this way.


Those who enjoy spending time outdoors can make some money in different ways:

29. Rake Leaves

This is a simple but taxing job nobody wants to do. Offer to rake leaves to earn a few bucks on the side. It is not a difficult job to perform so you can do it without much trouble.

30. Move Furniture

There are many people who prefer to hire local movers instead of professional moving companies. If you can carry heavy things and if you are ready for physically demanding tasks this might be a good gig for you.

31. Paint Houses

If you are good with painting you may offer to pain houses for people in the neighborhood. There are many people willing to pay for this service since it is not an easiest job to do.

32. Mow Lawns

This is another taxing task many people hate to do. It can also be a good gig to earn some money on the side. Alternatively, think about cutting lawns.

33. Do Landscaping

Are you good with landscaping? There are many people who wish to have beautiful lawns and yards but don’t know how to achieve that. Also, landscaping is time-consuming so there is always a demand for landscapers.

34. Be a Gardener

Are you good with flowers, decorative bushes and other plants? Offer your gardening services. Bonus if you also know how to care for fruits and vegetables.

35. Shovel Snow

One of the most taxing things that nobody likes to do. Well, you can do it for others and earn some cash. Shoveling pays decent money but it is physically demanding so make sure you are in shape.

36. Run Errands

Many people don’t have time to run errands. Others are unable to do so. Offer your services to make some money on the side. You can go grocery shopping for others or perform other tasks.

Make Money Online

There are perhaps more than 100 ways to make money online. Here are the most popular ones:

37. Online Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to make money online. The price per survey is not huge but it does add up. Online surveys will not turn you into a millionaire but they can help you pay smaller bills or buy something you really want.

38. Test Websites

Before a website can be shown to visitors, it has to be tested. There is professional testing that includes checking for potentials flaws in design and programming. If you don’t possess these specific skills you can still earn money testing websites as a user. There are many companies who pay people to test the usability of new websites from an end-user point of view.

39. Test Search Engines

If you possess necessary knowledge about search engines you may become a search engine tester. Search engine evaluators research the usability and punctuality of search engines and results they offer. This job does require some skills but it also pays better.

40. Start Your Blog

If you like blogging you can start a blog intended to make money. This won’t happen overnight but it can earn you some bucks. Most blogs make money either through product endorsement or affiliate sales. Many do great through displaying ads alone. However, it is important to have a good, established blog to build your visitor numbers and turn ads into money.

41. Sell Your Blog

If you have a successful blog or an old domain name, you may be able to sell it. There are buyers looking for established blogs and domain names so you can earn money this way.


Are you a teacher or just an expert in something? You can make money teaching various subjects:

42. Teach Your Hobby

You don’t need to be an expert in a specific school subject in order to earn money teaching. If you have a hobby and if you are knowledgeable in an area you can teach it. If it’s interesting and attractive enough you can earn decent money doing this.

43. Teach a Language

Consider teaching English as a second language. There is always a high demand for people who want to teach ESL. Alternatively, if you know another language, you can offer to teach it. There is always a demand for language teachers.

44. Teach Cooking

Do you know how to cook or bake? Consider giving lessons. There are many people willing to pay to learn how to cook so this is a good chance to earn some money.

45. Teach Music

If you play a music instrument you can offer your teaching services. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert: there are many people who wish to learn basics so this is where you come in.

46. Teach Dancing

Do you know ballet or other type of dancing? You can become a dance teacher. Some people specialize at teaching dance to children or senior citizens.

47. Teach Software

Software packages can be confusing to many users. If you are an expert in a specific software package, offer to teach people. Even if it’s a popular package you may find students among those who are new to computers.

48. Substitute Teach

Not the best-paying job out there, but a good way to make some money if you have a day off or some unused vacation time. It can also be a good practice for those who wish to become long-term teachers.

49. Tutoring

There are many students who need help with a specific subject or homework. Offer to become a tutor. This can be a decent source of income, especially if you can offer help with rare or more difficult subjects.

50. Make Lesson Plans

Teachers need lesson plans but they are not always easy to write. If you are good at making lesson plans you can offer them as a service. Write and sell lesson plans to other teachers. However, keep in mind that you need to be knowledgeable about a subject before you try this.

Special Skills

Do you have a special skill? Use it to make some money:

51. Design Various Graphics

If you are good with graphic design you can earn decent money designing logos, eBook covers and other graphics. You don’t even need to be a professional or to dedicate your whole time for this. It can be a great side project to generate some money.

52. Write Content

Many people seek article and content writers. These requirements range from writing blog posts, web content and short articles to more specialized writing jobs such as resume writing and copywriting. If you are good at writing you can use it to make some money.

53. Proofread

If you are good with grammar you may earn money through proofreading. This is a specialized skill and there is a good demand for it.

54. Edit Content

Editing is yet another specialized skill. Good editors can do more than basic proofreading, so if you have both of these skills you may perform two tasks. You don’t need to be a professional editor. English majors and teachers may also be good editors, especially for shorter content (articles, resumes, etc.)

55. Transcribe

Transcribers are skilled individuals who listen to audio clips and type what is being spoken. It is more complex than it sounds so there is a high demand for quality, knowledgeable transcribers. This can be a good source of additional income.

56. Be a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are hired online and perform their work on a computer. If you are good at organization and administrative skills you can try your luck as a virtual assistant. This is another good source of side money.

57. Cook

If you are good at cooking, employ your skills to earn some extra money. You can sell your food or you can specialize in specific types of meals to reach a niche audience.

58. Bake

If you know how to bake cookies, cakes and pastry this is a great skill that can bring you money. There are many people who order baked goods for various events, so this is where you come in.

59. Be a Handyman

Are you good at fixing things? Become a handyman. You don’t need to be a specialized professional: there are many people looking for someone to fix basic things in their home. This can be a good source of side income.

60. Be a Social Media Manager

Are you good with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram? Many companies are looking for people to manage their social media presence. You can create posts and interact with followers. This is a great way to earn some money from home.

61. Organize People’s Taxes

Many people hate to prepare their own taxes. Even something that is less complex, such as preparing documents and organizing everything, can seem too complicated. If you are an organized person you can offer to prepare the tax paperwork for other people.

62. Play Music

There is always a demand for session musicians. You may specialize in specific events, such as kids’ parties, weddings or corporate events.

63. Be a DJ

If you don’t play music but you have a DJ equipment you can earn a good side money. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer flexible hours.

64. Be a Photographer

If you have photography skills you can turn them into cash in many different ways. You can be a photographer for various events (weddings, birthdays, etc.) or you may take beautiful pictures and sell them online. The choice is yours.

65. Make and Sell Crafts

Are you a crafty person? There are many people interested in buying interesting handcrafts. You can earn money by selling your crafts on places such as Etsy. If you are good at crafts this can be a nice source of side income.

66. Make and Edit Videos

Creating videos is not easy and there is a high demand for people who know how to do it right. The same goes for video editing. If you possess these skills you can use them to make some money.

Part Time Jobs

A part-time job may be a good way to earn some money:

67. Deliver Pizza

Delivering pizza can be a good source of side income. It is not glamorous but it can bring you about $1000 per month. If you want to do delivery, you don’t have to limit yourself to pizza. There are many other things you can deliver, such as flowers.

68. Stock Shelves at Night

Grocery stores are always on a lookout for people to stock their shelves at night. This can be a good part-time job opportunity if the hours are ok for you.

69. Be a Weekend Bartender

Bartending over weekends or special events can be a good way to earn some quick buck. The job is not always easy but you don’t have to dedicate a lot of your time if you only work part-time.

70. Be an Usher

An occasional usher gig can be a good way to earn some extra bucks. You can be an usher for various events, from sports games to concerts.

71. Work in a Hotel

A part-time job in a hotel, motel or a hostel is a good way to get some side income. Bonus if you agree to work at night.

72. Work in Retail

Retail jobs are not the easiest ones but you don’t have to dedicate much of your time if you only wish to get some extra money. You can work on weekends or specific hours.

73. Be a Lifeguard

Are you good at swimming? You may seek a part-time job as a lifeguard. Ask at local community pools, hotels and beaches to see if they’re looking for lifeguards.

74. Work as a Security

A part-time security job can be a good source of side income. Many people opt for nighttime security because it allows you to keep your main job.

75. Babysit

Babysitting can be a good gig that brings some extra bucks. With so many busy parents out there you’ll find that there is a high demand for good babysitters.

76. House Sit

There are many people who travel frequently and leave their homes empty. As a house sitter, your job will be to make sure that everything is fine with the house. You will typically need to water plants and check if all electronic devices are working properly.

More Ways to Earn Money

Here are some additional ways to make money:

77. Be an Amazon Affiliate

This is an interesting job for those who have a strong online presence. There are many products you can choose to advertise to your customers. If you have a successful blog or if you simply know enough interested people this can be a good source of side income.

78. Use Bing

You can earn credits simply by using Bing as a search engine. You can redeem these credits for gift cards. This method doesn’t earn cash but you can still get something you can use to buy things.

79. Use Google AdSense

Google AdSense program is a good way to earn money from your blog or website. The program displayed specific ads on your webpage and you earn if people click on the ad.

80. Product Demonstration

You can make extra money by demonstrating products or hosting product parties at your home. Bonus is that you’ll probably get product samples or discounts, too.

81. Paint House Numbers

There are many people who simply forget to put their house numbers on their homes.  You can offer to spray paint numbers or full addresses onto people’s houses. It is a relatively quick job so it’s not too time-consuming.

82. Be a Consultant for New Parents

Are you an experienced parent? Become a consultant for new parents who are dealing with numerous issues and questions about their newborn. This is a growing business so you can get a great start and earn some extra money.

83. Organize Closets

There are many people who just don’t seem to know how to organize their closets or cabinets. If you are a neat, organized person you can make money by cleaning up people’s closets and cabinets.

84. Stage Houses

Before a house can be sold it has to be staged for prospective buyers. If you are good at organization and if you have a good eye for details you can turn people’s homes into real showplaces. This is a skill that can get you some side money.

85. Recycle

You may be able to earn money just by recycling. Junk such as scrap metal, cans or old electronic devices can make you a few bucks on the side.

86. Be a Personal Shopper

Many people are looking for stylish individuals to help them shop. If you know how to pick good clothes and other items you may become a personal shopper.

87. Be a Referee

You may not become a professional but you can always referee recreation sports. From children’s games to recreational matches, there is a wide range of opportunities for refereeing.

88. Do Office Organization

A messy, cluttered office can slow down any business. Interestingly enough, there are many clever business people who don’t really know how to organize their offices. If you are neat and organized you can earn money with this gig.

89. Be a Mystery Shopper

This can be a very fun way to earn some extra bucks. There are many companies looking for mystery shoppers of all profiles. You can get paid to visit a store or a restaurant and you will also be compensated for any item or a meal you buy.

90. Participate in Market Research

Companies are always on a lookout for people to participate in market research. Join one of these studies to earn some extra bucks quickly.

91. Write Product Reviews

Product reviews are a popular way to learn about products and services. Many people publish their reviews on their blogs or vlogs but you can also do product reviews for a third party.

92. Join a Focus Group

There are many research focus groups you can join. Various organizations, universities and companies are always looking for people to participate in their focus groups.

Offbeat Ways to Earn Money

Here are some unorthodox but very real ways to make money:

93. Resell Junk

Believe it or not but you can earn some good side money by reselling junk. Simply find old furniture or other items and sell them to make some money.

94. Get Cash Back from Online Shopping

There are websites who will reward you with a cash back if you shop online. Companies profit from more people buying their products through coupons so websites such as FatWallet share this profit with you if you buy things with their coupons.

95. Sell Collectibles

Do you have collectibles? You may sell your old records and action figures but also many other items you may find useless, such as baseball cards or stamps.

96. Participate in Medical Research Studies

Participating in medical tests can bring you money. Search local hospitals and other medical establishments in the area to learn about research studies looking for participants.

97. Sell Junk Mail

You may be able to sell your junk mail to get money. SBKC pays for your junk mail so this is an easy way to earn a few bucks.

98. Collect Dog Poop

There are some people who don’t have time nor energy to clean up after their dogs. You can earn a few bucks if you clean dog poop for these people.

99. Be a Hangover Helper

This is a popular gig around universities. As a hangover helper, you visit your client to bring them a healthy breakfast and you help them get their place in order.

100. Test Condoms

This can be a very fun way to earn some extra money. Some condom companies only compensate you with free condoms while others pay their testers in cash.

Well, this is it! What did you think of this mega-list “Top 100 Ways To Make Money”? Do you have any methods of your own that you’d like to mention? Just let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to add them in 🙂

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